Taiwan trip 2016 (FINAL PART)
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To me, I feel that Taiwan trip is a must to book taxi uncle to bring you travel around.
Day 6 is a planned trip with our favorite taxi uncle

Get ready and on cab at 9am and uncle drove us whole day.
1st stop


This time round we went at the right timing. Sakura all blossom super pretty!

After that we went to see 阴阳海 and 黄金瀑布 

Later on we head to 基隆 seafood market

Hubby and uncle choosing fresh seafood.
(All seafood are brought alive to maintain freshness)
Then uncle drove us to a nearby restaurant to cook our seafood.
After food,we went to 九份老街 for a walk
alot of tourist at the area when we go so do be careful when you guys go there.
There is this really pretty and interesting shop in 九份that you guys must go.
sell alot of taiwan fortune cat merchandise.
The decoration and display of this shop is really cute.

(look out for a alley, it's right inside u can see it)

and since we already at 基隆 might as well go to their 基隆庙口夜市 
You guys must try the chicken dammn nice.
(pic as shown inside, if can't see pls click pic to enlarge)
after that, we have our virgin 高铁trip back to 西门町
Really good!


Actually we slack through the whole of day 7 packing things and do last minute shopping
so there's nothing much I can share here.

But I could show you guys

I went to their famous shopping mall which looks like isetan/takashimaya

You all can explore the basement, its like singapore food court with lots of food.

I went to eat the taiwan famous street food nearby the shopping mall,
basically is like the mr bean pancake with fillings inside but it's 100 times nicer than Mr bean.
especially love the 高丽菜 one!

Have to go to Taiwan best book store and have a look too.
Looks like kinokuniya.

地址(LOCATION): 台湾台北市敦化南路一段245号2F
电话号码: 02-27755977

When you feel that the night is still young you can go 师大夜市
Suprise to see a few authentic disney japan shop there and also 卤味 very nice

Another place to suggest as I didn't manage to go due to bad location and weather.

(picture from their facebook)

電話:02 2936 0596/營業時間:週一 - 週五: 11:00 - 21:00、週六 - 週日: 9:00 - 21:00,店休日請以官方FB公布為主。
other information click here
Hope you guys will enjoy your taiwan trip and hope I will have the chance to go back to the place I didnt manage to go next year !~

Taiwan, see you soon.

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2016 Taiwan trip (PART 2) places you should go!
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DAY 3 of Taiwan trip

SO many people ask me about this cafe and here it is~~

布丁狗餐廳pompompurin cafe

地址 (LOCATION):台北市信義區松壽路12號5樓(Att 4 Fun)
電話 (PHONE):(02)7743-6800(開幕初期無預約訂位服務)
時間 (TIME):11:00-22:00(週五、週六及假日前一天營業至23:00)
Just like the Rilakkuma cafe,
you must a least order beverage!~
Purin curry rice! 
There are certain dish that they have comes with a free purin small mug when you ordered.
My hubby ordered the spaghetti that comes with the free purin mug.

After your meal, you should really walk around the mall as their window display and their interior designs are worth taking pictures!
Do pop by TAIPEI 101 to take selfie too!
That's what typical tourist do. (HAHAHA)
On the way back to our hotel at XIMENDING we pop by 


(OPEN by Hannah Quinlivan which is JAY CHOU's WIFE)

While machi is Hannah's dog.

The cafe is nice to chill and relax!~
But also, beverage per person is a must,

地址 (LOCATION):台北市萬華區中華路一段162-2號(靠近捷運西門站1號出口)
Remember to order their hot matcha tea or coffee and take selfies with their mug,


We went there by train and takes about 4omins from ximending station.
The street market are quite big so you can take whole day to walk.

Always go to the Hello kitty cookies shop to buy stuff back for family and friends.
Their 奶油餅 is my favourite!
Comes with cute packaging.

The staff there are friendly and will offer to take pictures for you.

 紅櫻花 Hello Kitty台灣伴手禮(淡水店)
電話: 02-2626-1848
We attempt to walk to 漁人碼頭 but too far.
However you can take ferry to that location do not need to walk.

But because we tried to walk there, we actually found lots of interesting place to take pictures.

(Another experience, only wish that the weather wasn't that cold)


and so we went to 新北投by train.

From there we slowly walk towards the new site at 新北投 called 地热谷 
by walk you guys can see more pretty scenery!

Free Admission
Walking distance of 15 - 20mins estimate as that day we went we caught in rain.

Highest temperature can go up to 98 degree.

you guys can click on ---> 地热谷 guide to read more about the place. 

Apparently, you guys can go for your spa after the visit.

Lots of choices there with different rates.

PS: Stay tune for the last part of the trip tomorrow. 

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